Business development, Procurement, Engineering, Project Management and Datacenter support.


    Business development, Procurement, Engineering, Project Management and Datacenter support.

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Our Mission is to support you in realizing the full potential of your telecom infrastructure project.


Welcome to Nordic Consulting. Since 2012 Nordic Consulting has helped international telco providers, regional fiber operators, Oil&Gas installations, Datacentres and Governmental organizations to optimize their infrastructure projects and achieve market success. We specialize in large long term infrastructure projects which require endurance and skills from a hands experienced team. Our clients are large international companies with extensive knowledge gained from many years of direct industry experience.

The demand for robust redundant low latency fiber networks continue to grow. Nordic Consulting has provided network and project consulting to large infrastructure projects since 2012. In fact over the past 7 years we have been involved in fiber projects totaling over 3 Billion NOK in value. Our clients are typical telecom providers, subsea optical cable systems, Datacentres and Regional government in the Nordics.


Havtor Map

“Havtor” - a new submarine fiber optical cable providing the shortest and most secure crossing of the North Sea from Norway to Denmark

The new Havtor submarine fiber cable will link the datacenter markets in Norway and Denmark, providing new opportunities in both sides of the cable. The Havtor submarine fiber cable is a new high-count submarine cable being developed to provide dark fibers between Norwegian datacentre locations and Hyperscalers.

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Datacenter fiber switch

Datacenter fiber and site development

Nordic Consulting has delivered desk top studies, feasibility studies to several data centre projects in Norway. This include a full due diligence of the existing fiber providers and cost estimates for additional investments to make the site sufficiently fiber redundant. Some of the projects are located in Vestfold, Asker, Rogaland and Hordaland. Click below for more information.

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Oil platform

Oil&Gass projects

Nordic Consulting has delivered services including offshore projects that are powered from shore (Martin Linge) and reliable fiber optical transmission between offshore platforms in the North Sea (Åsgard A and B).

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Business development

We support you in identifying all project requirements, stake holders, political influencers, regulatory requirements, investors and business case modeling.
We can help you with Due diligence, competitive tendering, Draft request for proposals, contract formation and negotiations.


Nordic Consulting can support you in procurement of fiber optical cables and sea cable fiber optical systems. We have direct contact with the world leading providers of terrestrial and turn-key suppliers of submarine cable systems


We can deliver overall engineering support for your fiber optical project both on land and offshore. Desk top study, transmission engineering, system design, marine installation, marine maintenance, permitting in the Nordics, project implementation, system operations and training. We can offer you on-site cable inspectors to qualify any Umbilicals or fiber optical cables manufacturing.

Project Management

Nordic Consulting have a very qualified and experienced project managers from large multi billion infrastructure projects. We offer you an end to end Project Management services, including a full turnkey from system conception trough to operation. We can also provide management support during interim period of your project like a management for hire service.